Extensu Our promise

Our promise

Designing and furnishing a space is a matter of making thousands of choices. You prefer vision over routine, beauty over requirements. But from idea to completion can be quite a long road. In this challenging process you can fully rely on Extensu flooring, a brand from the highend resilient flooring manufacturer mFLOR.

With Extensu you make a choice for a more sustainable future. Because Extensu is fully recyclable and free from PVC, phthalate and SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern), it’s more than suitable for use in high demanding areas like education, healthcare and offices. It contributes to BREEAM and LEED certifications and more than meets international VOC requirements for wellbeing and a healthy indoor climate.

You choose Extensu for lots of reasons. And yet Extensu is a floor that exceeds your expectations once it’s in place. That’s the promise we make.

Easy as ABC


We all want to contribute to a better planet. With the development of a green floor, Extensu helps to minimize our ecological footprint. The raw materials of this floor are free from PVC, phthalates and SVHC (Substances of very high concern). We guarantee the floor more than meets all VOC requirements and therefor will contribute to wellbeing and a healthy indoor climate.

Extensu is produced in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factories, which means that the production has a minimal impact on the environment. Also, maintaining Extensu flooring is very easy and needs no chemicals at all. Cleaning with water and a PH-neutral cleaner is sufficient. So in more than one way, Extensu minimizes the impact on the environment.


The choice for sustainability should never be a limiting factor in your design. With Extensu you choose both. You choose a safe product with a minimal environmental impact and at the same time for the impressive look of our flooring collections.

The UNESCO World Heritage sites served as a source of inspiration when creating the Extensu collections. The rich colours, patterns, and textures found in these wonderful, irreplaceable sites are translated into unique and beautiful flooring designs. Basing the Extensu designs on these Heritage sites adds both beauty and environmental consciousness to any space.

Natur & Kultur

Our NATUR collections with lifelike wood designs, are inspired by natural World Heritage sites. The untouched, natural appearance of nature’s finest colours are captured and protected in these sites. The beautiful textures and colours that nature has to offer in all its forms, like the structure and colour of rivers, sand dunes, volcanic soils, shape and colour gradients of different plants and trees.

The Extensu KULTUR collection offers a beautiful stone design, which is based on historic, cultural World Heritage sites. The fine, solid, ancient materials used to create these impressive structures, lasting forever and containing tons of history, offer a wide source of inspiration for our stone ranges of tiles.


Extensu is designed for its sustainable characteristics. The floor is easy to clean, but also highly resistant to wear and tear. The 0.3mm wear layer is more than suitable for high traffic areas and reaches the equivalent performance of usage category of 33/42. Because it is so strong, it has an optimal product life cycle. Therefor we offer a 10 year warranty.

If at one time you tend to change the floor, Extensu is easy to recycle, as the recycling process for polypropylene is already in place, all over the world. After you’re done, an Extensu floor isn’t. It is ready for a second life.

We know that all statements should be followed by proof. Therefor we continuously invest in independent certifications through well-known standards. Extensu has been certified by the following standards: Indoor Air Comfort Gold and M1.

Extensu contributes to a better world.